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Scheduling an Exam with Accommodations

  • Exams (including extended time) must be scheduled to fit within DRC Testing’s hours of operation.
  • Exams taken at DRC Testing must be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance! DRC Testing will provide a deadline each semester on this website. Keep an eye out for that announcement.
  • All exams must be scheduled by using DRC Testing’s website (www.purdue.edu/drctesting), except if you are in a MA course MA 266 or lower - see section "Math Exams and Quizzes. 
  • Exams must be scheduled to be taken at the same time as the regular classroom exams. Exceptions, such as evening exams or when the extended time overlaps your next class, must be discussed with your instructor prior to your online exam request to DRC Testing.
  • After an exam is requested online via DRC Testing’s website, the website emails the instructor and proxy (if designated) to request exam instructions and determine arrangements to receive the exam, all submitted online through DRC Testing’s website. After the test is taken, the testing office will deliver the completed exam per the instructor and/or proxy’s online exam instructions.
  • Students are required to mark all accommodations needed for the exam that they qualify for. If the student does not select a specific accommodation, DRC Testing will assume that the student is choosing not to utilize the accommodation.
  • Scheduled exams may be viewed by logging into DRC Testing’s website.  After logging in, you will see your upcoming exams and statuses on the welcome page.
  • The exam time begins at the time scheduled; the exam will be terminated at the completion of the approved extended time accommodation. Any variance or adjustment to this must be approved by DRC Testing and the instructor.