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DRC Note Taker Service

The DRC hires note takers to attend class and take notes for eligible students with disabilities.

If you think you may benefit from having a note taker

Please review your course schedule and consider class size, format of the course (i.e. lecture, lab, recitation) and style of instructor (lecture only, lecture & PowerPoint, etc.) to help you conclude whether a note taker is needed.

Requesting a Note Taker

If you believe you may benefit from having a note taker

  • Make an appointment with your accommodation specialist and ask if this service is appropriate for you
  • Then complete the Note taker Request form (your accommodation specialist can provide assistance if needed).
  • Submit the request form to the DRC office located in Young Hall, Room 830, as soon as you can.  You may also find the note taker request form online.  Complete the form and provide a copy to your accommodation specialist and also email it to the drc@purdue.edu.  The earlier you turn the request form in, the quicker the search for a note taker can begin.

**Please note that due to the volume of requests for note taker services the DRC receives it may take several days or more to locate a note taker for your classes.**

Next Steps

  • Contact your Note taker: Once a note taker is found and matched to your class needs, you will receive an email confirmation in your purdue.edu mail with your note taker's name and email address
  • Contact your note taker and arrance to meet prior to your first class.  At this meeting discuss your preferences, provide your note taker with paper and supplies, and discuss when and how you want the notes delivered, where each of you will sit.  You are not permitted to share notes and/or transcripts with other students.

If you do not communicate with your note taker in a timely manner, your note taker may be reassigned and may no longer be available to take notes for you.

  • Attend all classes.  In the event you are going to be absent you must give advance notice to your note taker and to the service provider coordinator.  You may do this by calling and leaving a message, by text or by email.  Note takers do not attend classes and take notes in classes where you are not in attendance.  Please see the chart below:

Continuous absences place your note taker services in jeopardy.  This service meant is to provide you with equal access versus and advantage.

Student Responsibilities

  • Make your accommodation request in a timely manner
  • Attend all classes and arrive on time
  • Provide book(s), course material and syllabus to alternative formats (at least a week to ten days before you need the material)
  • Meet your service provider prior to the 1st class for which they will provide services. (the service provider coordinator will provide you with their contact information)
  • Share your contact information with your service provider (at the 1st meeting)
  • Agree upon a delivery method (for note takers, handwritten, scan & email etc. CART in person or remote)
  • You may NOT share notes and/or transcripts with others.
  • Give your service provider feedback regarding the effectiveness of the service (after receipt of service)
  • Give your service provider needed supplies (paper, pen)

Opportunities for Feedback

Upon being hired by the Service Provider Coordinator and completing payroll paperwork

  • Make contact with your assigned student and meet with them to discuss their preferences and method of delivering service(s) and discuss needed supplies
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early to class*
  • Find a suitable substitute to take notes for you if you must be absent
  • Report your absence immediately to the Service Provider Coordinator (advanced notice is preferred)
  • Provide quality services
  • Complete time sheet and turn in on time.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding assignment related information
  • Provide service only to the student you are assigned too.