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Live Reader or Scribe Services through the DRC

The DRC hires readers and/or scribes to attend class or read exams out loud to students with disabilities.  To request a reader or scribe, students must be registered with the DRC and be approved for this service in advance.  Students who are registered with the DRC are encouraged to meet with their Accommocation Specialists regularly to seek eligibility and discuss their requests for accommodations.  The DRC encourages students to consider using assistive technology prior to requesting a live reader or scribe.

Reader or Scribe request process

  • Be approved.  Discuss this accommodation with your accommodation specialist.

  • Make your request.

    • Exams taken through the DRC testing Center:
      • Log into www.purdue.edu/drctesting
      • Look at "Accommodation Information"
      • Under the question, "Will you need a reader or scribe for this exam?"
      • Drop down "Yes."
      • Indicate whether the DRC will provide the reader/scribe for you, or if you already arranged a DRC-approved service provider to come to you exam.

    • Exams taken outside of the DRC testing Center:
      • Talk to your instructor or T.A. about your accommodation.
      • Gather the date, exam start time, exam end time, and location/room number of your exam.
      • Email your request information to drc@purdue.edu.

    • In-Classroom readers/scribes:
      • Indicate your request for an in-class reader/scribe via the note-taker request form.
      • Indicate in the comments section that your note-taker will need to take on additional duties beyond note-taking.

  • Check your email.  After a reader/scribe has been assigned to you, a confirmation email will be sent to your purdue.edu email address.  Confirm that the date, time and locations are correct.

  • Keep integrity.  Follow all instructions that your proctor or instructor has given to you.  Follow the guidelines for reader/scribe services.

General Guidelines for reader or scribe services


  • Readers will only read what is on the printed page and cannot be asked to interpret, define, explain or reword questions.
  • Readers can be asked to repeat information.
  • Readers can take feedback from the DRC student to be effective. Feedback regarding reading tone, rate clarity, etc. is allowed and encouraged.


  • Scribes will write down verbatim what the DRC student has dictated.  The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing the student's thoughts into a final draft.
  • Scribes are responsible for general spellin and sentence ending punctuation.  However, the DRC student is responsible for directing the scribe for any spellin of specific, class related terminology or punctuation within sentences.
  • At any time, the DRC student will have the opportunity to review what the scribe has written either by reading or having it read to them.
  • If there are corrections, the student will direct the scribe to make them.


If you do not feel the service being provided to you is adequate, contact the service provider coordinator at (765) 494-1246 or drc@purdue.edu. Every reasonable effort will be made by the Coordinator to help resolve the issue quickly and fairly.  The Coordinator's office is located in Young Hall, Room 849; appointment may be scheduled Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.