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Reader and Scribe Services

Students with disabilities can request a reader or scribe for their classes or their exams. For the classroom, a DRC student can make their request via the Note taker request form or by contacting their accommodation specialist. For exams, the student can request a reader or scribe via the online request system. If a student needs an exam reader/scribe outside of the DRC testing center, they can contact the Service Provider Coordinator directly at: adiamode@purdue.edu.



  • Readers will only read what is on the printed page and cannot be asked to interpret, define, explain or reword questions.
  • Readers can be asked to repeat information.
  • Readers can take feedback from the DRC student to be effective. Feedback regarding reading tone, rate, clarity, etc. is allowed and encouraged.


  • Scribes will write down verbatim what the DRC student has dictated. The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing the student’s thoughts into a final draft.
  • Scribes are responsible for general spelling and sentence ending punctuation. However, the DRC student is responsible for directing the scribe for any spelling of specific, class related terminology or punctuation within sentences.
  • At any time, the DRC student will have the opportunity to review what the scribe has written either by reading or having it read to them.
  • If there are corrections, the student will direct the scribe to make them.

Student Employment:

Student Service Providers can choose to take on one-time reader, scribe or reader/scribe assignments for students with disabilities as they become available. Students will be expected to arrive on time for their assignment and remember that the student will be relying on them to access information on their exam. It is generally expected that the Service Provider be able to read and write the subject material of the exam and be able to set up Math or Science problems if applicable. Student service providers are also expected to abide by and implement the guidelines listed above.

If a student service provider does not abide by the above guidelines, the integrity of the exam may be altered and the service provider’s employment will be terminated.