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Five Easy Steps for Printing Braille Diagrams

In addition to your office computer, printer and copier, you will need tactile image paper and a thermal enhancer. The Disability Resource Center does not sell these items, but companies that do are listed on our Vendors page.


1. Purchase a TAEVIS Diagram CD to acquire the diagrams as PDF files.

2. View the diagram in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print it on regular paper, using your office printer. Do not attempt to use thermal image paper in a laserjet printer. The image will raise inside the printer and jam the mechanism.

3. Photocopy the print drawing onto the tactile image paper.
4. Pass the image paper through the thermal enhancer.  This will create the raised image. (At the Disability Resource Center we refer to this as "toasting".)
5. The image is now ready to be used by a braille reader.