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Request a note-taker

The DRC hires note takers to attend class and take notes for elegible students with disabilities.  To request a note-taker, students must be registered with the DRC.  Students who are registered with the DRC are encouraged to meet with their Accommodation Specialists regularly to seek eligibility and discuss their requests for accommodations.


  • Please consider class size, format of the course (lecture, lab, recitation, etc...), and style of instructor to help you gauge whether a note taker is needed.
  • Because of the volume of requests we receive, be aware that it may take some time to locate a note-taker for your class.
  • We accept requests for note-takers at any time throughout the semester.

Note Taker Request Process

  • Be approved.  Discuss this accommodation with your accommodation specialist.

  • Make your request.  If you have an approved accommodation for note-taker, download and fillout the note taker request form.  A copy of this form can also be provided by your accommodation specialist.  You can also email drc@purdue.edu if you need a copy of this form.

  • Email or submit your form to the DRC.  Email the form to:  drc@purdue.edu, or print/submit directly to the DRC, YONG Hall, Room 830.

  • Check your email.  After a note taker is assigned, you will receive an email confirmation in your purdue.edu email with your note taker's name and email address.  Please check your purdue.edu email regularly to receive important updates.

  • Make initial contact with your note-taker.  Upon receiving an email confirming your note taker, please communicate with the note taker via email within 24 hours.

    • Discuss the easiest way to contact each other and exchange additional contact information if necessary (phone number for texting, personal email, etc).
    • If you do not communicate with your note taker in a timely manner, your note taker may be reassigned and may no longer be available to take notes for you.
    • Communicate any specific requests to your note taker in your initial email or arrange a phone conversation/meeting time to go over your requests.  This may include whether you would like the note taker to sit next to you, whether you would like the notes via email, photocopy or in a separate notebook, or whether your would like to meet briefly after class to go over the notes.

  • Communicate with your note-taker.

    • Be considerate and call, text or email your note taker if you cannot be in class due to illness, or have a planned excused absence.
    • Notify your note-taker if your class is cancelled.
    • The note-taker will not share notes with you if you are not present in class.  Contact the DRC if you were not in class but had an excused absence.

  • Give Feedback

    • You are welcome to give your note taker feedback about the formate, quantity, and quality of the notes he or she is providing for you.
    • If you do not feel the notes are adequate, contact the service provider coordinator directly at (765) 494-1246 or drc@purdue.edu. Every reasonable effort will be made by the Coordinator to help resolve the problem(s) quickly and fairly.  The Coordinator's office is located in Young Hall, Room 849; appointment may be scheduled betwwen 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.