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Interpreting and Transcription services

The Disability Resource Center can coordinate a professional service provider to provide interpreting or transcription services to students who are Deaf/hard of hearing.  These services include:

  • ASL Interpreting
  • SEE Interpreting or other mode of sign language
  • CART or Type-well Services
  • Closed-Captioning Services

Students who are registered with the DRC are encouraged to meet with their Accommodation Specialists regularly to seek eligibility and discuss their requests for accommodations.

Student Request Process

  • Be Approved.  Register with the DRC and discuss this accommodation with your accommodation specialist.

  • Make your request.  Immediately after registering for classes, submit a copy of your schedule specifying which classes you require services.  You can submit this request in any of the following ways:

    • Email:  drc@purdue.edu
    • In person:  Young Hall, room 849
    • By phone:  765-494-1246

  • Check your email.  You will receive frequent communications about your service provider's names and other important information regarding your request.  If you are using CART or Typewell services, you will be notified about checking out equipment.

  • Communicate.  Communicate your needs to your service provider and notify them of any changes.  Provide the syllabus to your provider and any difficult terms so that they can prepare to best serve you during class.

  • Read our Cancellation Policy.  To cancel services, notify the interpreter/transcriber no less than 48 business hours prior to class, and send an email to drc@purdue.edu. If you frequently cancel without substantial notice, you may incur a fine for doing so.  See our cancellation policy.