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Frequently Asked Questions of Students

How do I sign-up for exams? All exams must be scheduled by using the DRC Testing Online Scheduling System website, www.purdue.edu/drctesting. 

When can I sign up for exams? Exams taken at DRC Testing must be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance! DRC Testing will provide a deadline each semester on this website to sign up for Finals. Keep an eye out for that announcement. Exams must be scheduled to be taken at the same time as the regular classroom exams. Exceptions, such as evening exams or when time accommodations extend into another class period, must be arranged with your instructor and DRC Testing Coordinator on a case by case basis.

I missed my exam, what do I do? Contact your instructor to find out if you can still take the exam. If you are allowed to make up the exam, have the instructor email DRC Testing. You should then call or email DRC Testing with the time and date you will be taking the exam.

What happens if I am late to a scheduled exam? (Especially during final exams) Your time will start at the time you signed up for, whether you are here or not.  It is the same if you show up to the class late.  Therefore schedule your exams accordingly.

How do I reschedule my exam time that I already signed up for? Or how do I make corrections to what I signed up for? If you need to make a correction or cancel the scheduled exam (and it is still 3 business days in advance) please log onto www.purdue.edu/drctesting and edit your exam request. At that point, you can cancel the request or make the changes to your exam request. If it is within 3 business days, please email drctesting@purdue.edu and include your instructor in the email correspondence to request changes.

Do I have to tell my instructor I'm taking an exam in DRC Testing when I'm taking the exam at the same time or different times as the rest of the class? Students are required to provide their Accommodation Letter and discuss their exam taking arrangements (including the appropriate time to take the exam) with their instructors before scheduling their exam online.  Once the exam is scheduled online DRC Testing will request the exam from the instructor.

What should I bring to the exam at DRC Testing? (Can I bring snacks or a drink?) Bring your Purdue University photo identification card and/or your state issued photo identification card. You must bring valid identification in order to take your exam.  Bring all the materials that are allowed according to your accommodations and exam instructions. Lockers will be provided to store book bags, jackets, etc. However, DRC Testing assumes no responsibility for items left in the lockers. If students have food breaks in their Accommodation Letter, the student must note that when scheduling their exams. This is so that we can try to place the student appropriately. Only drinks in clear containers with lids or cap are allowed.

Items NOT allowed in the testing area (unless specified by instructor or the department): cell phones; PDAs or equivalent electronic devices; iPods, MP3 player or equivalent electronic devices; laptops; books; notes; calculators; hats; mechanical pencils - unless provided by DRC Testing.

Why did DRC Testing change my accommodation or time of what I scheduled? If DRC Testing changes your accommodations you selected when scheduling your exam, you may have selected an accommodation that you do not qualify for. If you feel that it is incorrect, please contact DRC Testing by email, phone or contact us in person. If the time is changed, this means your instructor is only allowing you to take an exam at a certain time.  If you are unable to make it at that time, please contact your instructor and DRC Testing as soon as you can. 

How do I change my testing accommodations? You must meet with your Accommodation Specialist to make changes or adjustments to your exam accommodations and your Accommodation Letter. If you need to make changes to the accommodations you scheduled, such as not remembering to select an accommodation you qualify for, then please log into www.purdue.edu/drctesting and edit your request with the accommodations you need. 

Can I use my own mechanical pencil? No, you may only use a #2 pencil or a mechanical pencil provided by DRC Testing.