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Information for Purdue Faculty

Course Material

The Disability Resource Center transcribes the following types of course material into electronic text, braille, and/or tactile diagrams:

  • textbook chapters
  • diagrams and illustrations
  • chemical structures
  • overheads
  • handouts
  • lab manuals
  • homework assignments
  • study guides
  • exams, tests, quizzes
  • class schedules

About Production

  • All new DRC production staff members are required to complete our extensive training course to learn electronic text editing, computer-assisted braille translation, and tactile illustration production.
  • Graduate Assistants serve as specialists in the courses for which materials are transcribed.
  • All work is checked by experienced production employees and is delivered to students in a timely manner. Note that 72 hours (3 business days) is required to convert handouts, exams, overheads, etc. Larger sets of material will require more time.

Request for Materials

  • The provision of alternative formats must be approved by an Accommodation Specialist from the Disability Resource Center, Office of the Dean of Students.

  • Before the semester begins, a case conference may be held to determine specific accommodations.  The conference will be attended by the instructor, the student, and representatives of the Disability Resource Center.  A detailed plan for the semester will be the result of this conference.

When to Submit Materials

  • Large materials, such as textbooks, lab manuals, etc., should be submitted before classes begin.  The contents will be brailled as the semester progresses and given to the student on a day-by-day basis.  The course syllabus will be used to determine an appropriate pace for the material.

  • Small items, such as handouts, exams, overheads, etc., must be submitted to the Disability Resource Center at least 72 hours before they are to be used by the student.  The instructor needs to be aware that the transcription and proofreading processes take time.  It is not always possible to accommodate material which is submitted at the last minute.

Electronic Submission of Course Materials

  • The Disability Resource Center has several conversion programs and can handle many formats.  Electronic submissions are actually prefered because the number of steps needed to process the work is reduced.

  • If the material is not in an electronic format, items may be submitted to the Disability Resource Center as hard copy.  Please keep in mind that crisp, clear copies will allow us to scan the material with minimal editing.  This is faster than typing and it will speed the transcription process.  When copies are poor, the material may need to be retyped, requiring additional time.

Where to Send Materials

  • Materials may be e-mailed as attachments to braille@purdue.edu.

  • Memory sticks, CD's or hard copies may be delivered to the Disability Resource Center in Young Hall, Room 853.

Completed Material

  • Students will collect their materials at designated collection points -- currently the Assistive Technology Center (ATC), Room 111, Stewart Center.

  • Disability Resource Center personnel will hand-deliver exams and other confidential material to any location (faculty office, departmental office, testing center) requested by the faculty member. Note: Secured materials require the signature of a responsible party upon delivery.