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Electronic Text (E-text)

In addition to converting course materials into braille and tactile diagrams, the Disability Resource Center also converts materials into electronic text (e-text) for use by students with a variety of disabilities. The primary output format is Kurzweil®. However, material can also be converted into Microsoft Word® format or plain text.

E-text turnaround time is Five (5) to Fourteen (14) business days, depending on the number of books in the queue.

Students must provide a print copy of the material to be scanned. Print copies can be submitted to the Disability Resource Center in Young Hall, Room 830.

Textbooks must be new copies to ensure the best quality scans. The Disability Resource Center cannot accept used textbooks for scanning. If the material is a photocopy (course packets, journal articles, out of print books, etc.) the quality of the scan will vary with the quality of the photocopies.

Binding materials (book spines, staples, glue, etc.) will be removed to allow the use of a high-speed scanner.

Scanned images will be OCR'd into text and saved as .kes files, a format appropriate for use with the Kurzweil Reading System.

The original print pages and a CD containing the accessible electronic files will be returned to the student. Students may collect completed materials from the Disability Resource Center in Young Hall, Room 853.