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What comes to mind when you hear the word, “diversity”?  Most individuals think of age, religion, ethnic backgrounds, choice of major, nationality, to name just a few.  However, Purdue attracts a very diverse student body which also includes students with different disabilities.

Disabilities include students who are physically impaired, visually impaired, hearing impaired, blind, deaf, and students who have learning differences.  The list of disabilities continues as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signed into law in 1990 by President George Bush.  Students with a disability must meet the same academic requirements as their peers.  Students with disabilities simply require some accommodations to neutralize their functional limitations (i.e., automatic doors and ramps for wheelchair users, guide dogs, academic accommodations such as electronic audio books, closed captioning, and other reasonable accommodations).

Diversity is Purdue.  We all help move the world forward.

Something to think about:

          “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

                                                                      -- Stephen Hawking