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Arranging Tests at DRC Testing


  • Meets with DRC Accommodation Specialist to determine accommodations.
  • Discloses Accommodation Letter to Instructors and discusses how accommodations will be implemented.
  • Discusses with instructor the parameters of each exam such as location, date, and start time. Please note: Instructor may choose to accommodate exams within their department.
  • Requests each exam individually online a minimum of 3 business days in advance: www.purdue.edu/drctesting.


  • Determines if DRC Testing will be used.
  • Discusses with student the parameters of each exam such as date and start time.
  • Receives exam request from student via email.
  • Reviews each exam individually online: www.purdue.edu/drctesting
  • Approves the request and provides exam-specific proctoring instructions to DRC Testing Staff.
  • Delivers copy of exam to DRC Testing.


  • Schedules exam, sends confirmation emails to student and instructor/proxy and updates online request status to "Scheduled".
  • Proctors exam at scheduled date and time according to exam instructions.
  • Returns exam to instructor for grading.
  • Updates online request status of exam to "Completed" in order to maintain accurate exam statistics.