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After the Exam at DRC Testing

  • DRC Testing will return the completed exam via the return method specified by the instructor in the exam instructions. *Please note that if you chose an exam to be returned via Campus Mail, DRC Testing does NOT retain a copy, the completed exam sent through Campus Mail is the only copy. We strongly urge you to select to have the file sent to you electronically or that you pick it up from DRC Testing.
  • If an instructor has requested an electronic copy of the exam, DRC Testing will utilize Purdue’s approved file transfer program, Filelocker, to transmit the file. Hard copies of exams will all be returned to the instructor via Campus Mail. To learn more about Filelocker, please visit: https://www.purdue.edu/apps/account/cas/login?service=https%3A%2F%2Ffilelocker.purdue.edu
  • Instructors are responsible for the grading of each exam.
  • Electronic copies of exams sent via Filelocker will be stored approximately 4 months upon semester’s end.
  • Sign-in/Sign-out sheets will be scanned and stored electronically for a minimum of one year following a semester’s end.