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Academic Adjustments - Access to Written Material

Students who have difficulty accessing written material as a result of physical, learning, or psychological disabilities may be eligible for assistance in obtaining written material in an alternative format. A Disability Resource Center Program Specialist in the Office of the Dean of Students works with each student individually to determine the most appropriate accommodations based on the student's medical documentation and specific needs. Following are brief descriptions of the most commonly used alternative formats.

Audiotaped text format: Students may receive textbooks and other written material on electronic format various recording agencies. In some cases, tapes may be prepared by readers employed by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Brailled text and tactile diagrams: Students may receive written text in Brailled format and graphical material, such as diagrams and drawings, in raised-line format.

Electronic text format: Students may receive electronic files on CD-ROM, flash drive or memory stick, which may then be used to access the information aurally through the use of a word processor and voice synthesizer, or tactilely through the use of a word processor and Braille printer.

Enlarged print format: Students may receive course-related materials in enlarged print format.

Reader service: Readers, employed and supervised by the Assistant Dean Auxiliary Aids and Services, read course-related print material and library research material to students with disabilities.