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Academic Adjustments - Access to Campus Services

and Facilities

Students with physical disabilities may be eligible for accommodations to access the following campus services and facilities.

Telephone: Text telephones (TTYs) are available for students in the residence halls and at other campus locations indicated in the Campus Accessibility Guide. In addition, several TTYs are available for short-term loan through the Disability Resource Center. The Disability Resource Center and other campus departments have TTYs for incoming calls. Relay calls can be made by contacting Relay Indiana at 711 or 800-743-3333, or by accessing relay service at one of the following Internet addresses: www.IP-RELAY.com, www.relay.att.com, www.sprintrelayonline.com.

Parking: Students with temporary or permanent disabilities may be eligible to purchase accessible parking permits. Students must demonstrate eligibility by submitting an Accessible Parking Request Form, completed by a physician, to Parking Facilities, located at the Visitor Information Center on Northwestern Avenue. This form is also available from the Disability Resource Center and Parking Facilities.

Buildings: Eligibility for an "accessible schedule" is determined by a Disability Resource Center Accommodation Specialist in the Office of the Dean of Students, based on a students's medical documentation. Such a schedule, prepared by the department of Space Management and Academic Scheduling (SMAS), ensures that all classes take place in accessible buildings.

Computers and Adaptive Equipment: The Assistive Technology Center (ATC), located in Stewart Center, Room 111, provides access to and instruction in using computers and adaptive equipment. Services and resources include enlargement of printed material, speech synthesis and voice input systems, Braille production equipment, and adjustable workstations.

A Campus Accessibility Guide is also available at the Office of the Dean of Students, the Visitor Information Center, and other campus locations. This Guide features a map designating accessible facilities on campus and includes information about special services.

Greater Lafayette CityBus offers free accessible public transportation on campus and in the community. For information about routes, contact CityBus at 765-423-2666, or check their website at www.gocitybus.com.