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Video and Media Captioning

The Disability Resource Center can work with instructors to provide captioning on videos and clips that they plan to show in class.  Students who are registered with the DRC are encouraged to meet with their Accommodation Specialists regularly to seek eligibility and discuss their requests for accommodations.

  • Register for classes as early as possible
  • Contact your instructors.  After you have registered for classes, contact the instructor listed for each class.  Please copy your accommodation specialist.
  • Discuss your request for video captioning. It may also be a good idea to provide a copy of your accommodation letter.  Ask them if they will be showing videos throughout the semester and if they are, to turn the captions "on."  If they have videos that do not have captions or subtitles yet, ask them to contact the DRC.
  • Ask your instructor to connect with the DRC.  If they will be showing videos that do not already have captions or subtitles, ask them to contact the Disability Resource Center.  Let your Accommodation Specialist know that the professor will be showing videos in their class.
  • Follow up.  If your professor does not respond within one week, or if there is not a professor listed for your class, please contact your Accommodations Specialist at the DRC, who will follow up with your instructor.