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Play the Powerball yesterday? What about Spades or Poker? Betting on College ball games or joined a pool? Plan to win back the money you lost yesterday?

If you've noticed that...

  • you or a friend is preoccupied with gambling
  • increasing amounts of money are needed for excitement
  • efforts to control or cut back are unsuccessful
  • feel restless or irritable when attempting to cut back or quit
  • attempts to conceal involvement consists of lying to family members or friends
  • after losing money, return the next day "to get even"
  • gambling is a way of escaping dysphoric mood
  • committed illegal acts (forgery, fraud, theft, embezzlement) to finance gambling
  • relies on others to provide money to relieve a desparate financial situation
  • lost a job, relationship or quit school because of gambling

For most people, gambling is a social or recreational activity, something that is fun and adds more zest to life. But for others, gambling causes problems and in some instances, becomes uncontrolled and is no longer a choice. Some studies suggest that at least 5 out of every 100 college students have reached that point.

...Sound like you? If this is a concern, why don't you visit our office, Room 207, Schleman Hall, or give us a call at 494-1254.

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