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ODOS Staff Directory

Email the Office of the Dean of Students at odosmain@purdue.edu

General Contact Information
Schleman Hall of Student Services, Room 207
475 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2050
Phone: (765) 494-1747
Fax: (765) 496-1550
V/TTY: (765) 494-1239
Administration, SCHL 207
James R. Hintz Dean of Students 494-1257 jimhintz@purdue.edu
Joanna Sharp Office Manager/Administrative Assistant 494-1257 joannasharp@purdue.edu 
Purdue Parent and Family Programs
Kelley Stier Associate Dean of Students/Director of Purdue Parent and Family Programs 496-1474 mgruver@purdue.edu
Lauren Hussong Secretary 494-4718 lhussong@purdue.edu
Student Assistance Center, SCHL 207
Beth Kozik Interim Associate Dean of Students for The Student Assistance Center 494-1747 ekozik@purdue.edu
Carol Ben-Davies Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity & Inclusion 494-9028 cbd@purdue.edu
Jenny Bowes Case Manager 494-1747 jbowes@purdue.edu
Kasey Richardson Student Support Advocate 494-7663 richa259@purdue.edu
Karen Mosson Secretary 494-1747 kamosson@purdue.edu
Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR), SCHL B50
Jeffery Stefancic Associate Dean of Students 494-1242


Leslie Charters Director, Student Legal Services 494-1250 lcharters@purdue.edu
Jennifer Horace Student Affairs Specialist/Title IX Investigator 494-1250 jhorace@purdue.edu
Corey Linkel Student Affairs Specialist 494-1235 linkel@purdue.edu
Tammy Patrick Assistant Dean of Students 494-1150 patrickt@purdue.edu
Rob Kirchubel Graduate Administrative Professional 494-1250 rkirchub@purdue.edu
Nancy Vestal Secretary 494-1250 nvestal@purdue.edu
Business Office Support
Debbie Siciliano Assistant Director of Financial Affairs for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management 494-4485 dsiciliano@purdue.edu
Deb Burrow Business Manager 496-7387 dburrow@purdue.edu
Deb Denno Account Clerk 494-5807 ddenno@purdue.edu


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