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Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation will be conducted 14-17 August 2013. Students, both scholarship and college program will check-in on Wednesday, 14 August at 7 A.M. in Armory 106. Following check-in, students will be sworn in at 10:00 A.M. Parents, family, and guests are invited to stay during the check-in process and be present for the swearing-in of the students. Location of the swearing-in will be provided at a later date. Immediately following swearing in, the unit Executive Officer will give a Battalion Brief to family and friends as well as answer questions. Family and friends should plan on saying their good-byes prior to the swearing-in as students will be dismissed prior to the Battalion Brief.

A completion ceremony will take place on Saturday, 17 August at 12:00 P.M. Family and guests are welcomed to attend the ceremony which will be followed by a cook out.

Students are highly encouraged to attend Freshman Orientation.

Freshman Orientation Checklist (Click Here)

More information will be posted at later dates, check back periodically for updated information.