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These prestigious post-baccalaureate awards provide future leaders unique opportunities to pursue exceptional disciplinary study while immersed in the rich culture of Great Britain.  While they vary slightly in eligibility and selection criteria, all five foundations look to support students who are exceptional beyond outstanding intellectual ability and demonstrate not only vision, but the ability to develop a vision into reality. Be it through research, leadership, or a strong commitment to the greater good, recipients of these awards are those poised to become agents of change in their careers.

Undergraduate students apply for these awards through the spring of junior year and fall of senior year.

Application Procedure

Students MUST be nominated by their current institution in order to apply for the Churchill, Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Scholarships. You may not apply directly to the foundations.  While Gates Cambridge does not require such an endorsement, it is vital students applying do so through this campus process. Many students will be strong candidates for multiple scholarships - this consistent process ensures all students applying for any UK scholarship will be assessed for eligibility and fit for each opportunity. 

Final nominee selection is done separately for each of the five scholarships in the fall semester of the application year.  However, the application process begins the prior spring semester. Interested students submit an initial campus application in March. Campus applications are assessed for suitability and applicants are advised accordingly, at which point the application processes for each individual scholarship begin.

Application Instructions

Students wishing to apply for any of these UK scholarships must follow the below steps. 

Campus Pre-Application

Step 1:  Research Scholarships on the web through the links provided on this page

Step 2:  Attend relevant information sessions (schedule available here)

Step 3:  Submit a UK Scholarship Pre- Application by Monday March 31st.

        • includes essay questions that must be entered directly into the application.  While the application has a "Save and Continue" option, you may only access a saved application from the exact same computer using the same browser.  You are encouraged to complete the following in a word document prior to starting the application so that everything can be completed and submitted in one online session.
            • Statement of Professional Aspirations (350 words max)
              What are your professional aspirations? What issues, needs, or problems do you hope to address? Indicate in which discipline(s)/field(s) you are considering making your career, including specific positions/roles you aspire to. Specify how your academic program and graduate educational plans will assist you in achieving your goals.
            • Research Experience (350 words max)
              Please describe any previous or current research experience. Include the length and duration of your work, organization and departments where the research took place, who advised your work, and presentations or publications of the results.
            • Leadership Experience (350 words max)
              Describe one specific example of your leadership. Please include details on your role with the activity and the impact of your involvement.
            • Program of Study (500 words max)                                                    Please identify the specific graduate program(s) you've selected and why they are of interest to you Include a brief description of the degree program(s) and indicate any specific faculty or researchers with whom you would like to work. Also explain why you have chosen the particular institution(s).
        • must upload a current official transcript (can be a scan of a hardcopy if you have one in your possession or order an electronic transcript from MyPurdue)
        • must upload a resume

Scholarship Specific Application

Step 4:  Submit Registration Forms for each scholarship for which you intend to apply by

             Friday April 11th.

This form requires submission of your recommenders and should not be submitted until you have identified those individuals and they have agreed to provide a recommendation.  In response to this submission, your recommenders will receive an email from NISO with information about the scholarship, submission instructions, and tips for writing a strong recommendation letter.


Churchill Registration Form

Gates Cambridge Registration Form

Marshall Registration Form

Mitchell Registration Form

Rhodes Registration Form

Step 5:  Submit all individual scholarship applications by the final campus deadline - September 1

Application Timeline

January 27-31:

UK Week (multiple info sessions available)

March 24th: 

UK Scholarship Campus Application deadline

March 31st:  

NISO feedback distributed to applicants

April 11th:  


Registration Form deadline for all UK scholarships

April 14th - August 29th:

workshops and one-one-one advising through NISO

September 1st:

full application campus deadline

September 8th-12th:

committees meet to select nominees

September 15th:

nominees announced

October 1st:


Marshall Scholarships, The Mitchell Scholarship, and The Rhodes Scholarship national deadline

October 15th:


Gates Cambridge national deadline

Cambridge University application deadline for Churchill nominees

November 11th: Churchill Scholarship national deadline