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Scholarships & Fellowships

While there are many external (non-Purdue) awards available from many sources, the services offered through NISO are primarily associated with major scholarships.  These are well known, highly selective and competitive competitions with strong national and international reputations.  They are generally funded by foundations that are supported by government agencies or non-profit organizations, and are open to students across the country, often only those enrolled at selected universities. 

Many of these major scholarships require campus nominations or endorsements.  That process varies depending on the particular scholarship, but involves some type of Purdue application screening process prior to the national level competition; students are not able to apply directly to the foundation.  NISO coordinates the campus review process to select the students Purdue will nominate or endorse.  For those awards, applicants are initially applying for the University's nomination rather than the award itself.  The profiles of each of those awards includes the campus application process. 

The remainder of the major scholarships do not require such a process and students can apply directly to the foundation granting the award.  We strongly encourage students applying for these awards to work closely with the NISO staff. 

Our goal is to support students applying for all major scholarships by providing advising resources that assist students in assessing their scholarship potential, identifying major scholarships that fit their interest, defining long-term goals and finding appropriate co and extra-curricular opportunities relevant to said goals and scholarship aspirations, coordinating the recommendation letter process, writing effective and well-written application materials.  Additionally, for those with campus processes, we assist students in learning those processes, and prepare for campus and finalists interviews.

We wish to encourage students to pursue all opportunities that fit their interests and realize that these major scholarships may not be appropriate for everyone.  Therefore we have provided lists of additional external scholarship opportunities.  These lists are certainly not comprehensive, but include scholarships, fellowships, research, internship, and abroad opportunities of which we are aware.  Our advising services do not extend to these opportunities, but we encourage interested students to apply for those relevant to their background and interests and can provide some assistance on a case-by-case basis.