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Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters play a crucial part in the university and national selection processes. A detailed letter which provides insight into the applicantís academic abilities, strengths and weaknesses, character, and potential helps a campus selection committee make university nomination decisions and, in a competitive national competition, could tip the balance. If you do not know a student well enough to write a detailed letter or would rather not write in support of the studentís application, please decline the studentís request. If possible, assist the student in identifying other referees.

Some scholarship organizations require referees to upload online letters of recommendation. In some cases, there are strict word or character counts that must be adhered to. You may be asked to answer specific questions or comment on specific traits or qualities. Please take full advantage of space allowed. Too brief a letter may be interpreted as less than fully supportive and could negatively impact success. Too lengthy, and a letter may not be read.

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Guidelines for Specific Scholarships