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Mentoring Students

As a faculty member, advisor, or administrator at Purdue University, you are well aware of the outstanding students here. There are many bright, ambitious, and accomplished students at Purdue who plan to pursue graduate or professional degrees, undertake advanced research, teach or volunteer abroad after graduation. A prestigious scholarship or fellowship is within reach of many of Purdue's strongest students. The familiarity you have with students who take your classes, work with you on research projects, or participate in organizations you advise enables you to identify students who show many of the qualities needed to receive these awards.

Please take a moment to review the scholarship information and advice to students included on this website. Encourage your exceptional students to consider applying for a prestigious scholarship and fellowship. Refer them to the National & International Scholarships Office for advice and guidance.

You also can provide valuable assistance to students as they prepare for and begin the application process. A student may ask for your advice when selecting graduate programs, ask you to read and provide feedback on project proposals and personal statements, or ask if you are willing to write a letter of recommendation on his or her behalf.

If you'd like to become involved in publicity or mentoring efforts for a particular scholarship, or if you are interested in serving on campus evaluation committees, please contact the Director.