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Advice & Preparation

How to Prepare

Graduate school or professional school may be years ahead of you, but now is the time to begin preparing yourself to be a competitive candidate for a prestigious postgraduate scholarship or fellowship. To be competitive, strive to create for yourself an ideal undergraduate experience.

Characteristics of a competitive candidate can include:

  • an excellent GPA
  • research or internship experience
  • leadership experience
  • strong relationships with faculty
  • international experience and language skills
  • a clear sense of one's educational and professional goals

Meet with your academic advisor, faculty, or the Director of the National & International Scholarships Office to discuss specific ways you can strengthen your profile. Refer to the links on this page for more information about Purdue resources that can help you become involved in research, strengthen your leadership skills, and become active in campus or community organizations.

Although there is great honor and financial reward in winning a scholarship or fellowship, it's important to keep a healthy perspective. Prestigious scholarships and fellowships are highly competitive. Every year, qualified applicants do not receive awards simply because there are more deserving candidates than scholarships to be awarded. There are no guarantees that you will win, but if you have created for yourself an exceptional undergraduate experience, you'll reap other rewards. A strong record of achievement and performance will make you an ideal candidate for top graduate programs, professional schools, and jobs.