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Advice & Preparation

Advice to Applicants

The purpose of the awards you find here is to support highly talented and motivated individuals in their efforts to obtain graduate or professional degrees and go on to become leaders in their fields.

Applying for prestigious, postgraduate scholarships and fellowships is a rigorous and time-intensive undertaking. The benefits, however, are long lasting and worthwhile. You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your educational and professional goals. You'll become more comfortable writing personal statements, project proposals, and resumes which will serve you well when applying for graduate school, professional school or jobs. You'll strengthen your relationship with faculty and mentors who write letters of recommendation for you. Finally, should you win an award, you'll receive the financial support needed to pursue your educational and professional goals.

Educate yourself on the different awards, their eligibility requirements and selection criteria. Build your own profile by taking rigorous coursework, conducting research, and stepping into leadership roles on campus and in the community.

Talk with the Director about your goals and the application process, and start early! The most competitive applicants will begin this preparation as early as their first year of undergraduate education.