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Custodial staff in Discovery Park

Custodial staff in Discovery Park: Discovery Park staff and faculty would like to extend our gratitude to all of the custodial staff in Discovery Park for their continued commitment to provide a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for our university community here at the West Lafayette Purdue campus: Marci Trippett and Maria Carrillo (DLR), Kristine McClure (MRGN), Shannon McMasters (MANN), Tammie Beaver and Crystal Thacker (BIND), Eduardo Tovar, Janet Smith Jerry Funk, Steve Tyson, Ross Miller and Jose Salazar (BRK). We would be lost without such an efficient custodial staff. Thank you from the Discovery Park staff and faculty. -- Cathy Erickson (MRGN/MANN), Eric Ridgley (DLR), Mary Jo Totten (BRK), Don Exmeyer (BIND), Candiss Vibbert, Cindy Ream and Nancy Goodman (DP Engagement)