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Phil Richey

Phil Richey (Grounds): I would like to thank Phil Richey and the crews who worked on the Birck Nanotechnology Center landscape project: Wyatt Carmony, Brian Clawson, Joe Coffman, Harold Lambirth Jr., Gus Millburg, Corey O'Maley, Jeff Woolard, Mike Johnson, Jason Kilgour, Abby Leyva, Rick Weiderhaft, Travis Whitaker, Josh Snyder, Christina Gilliland, Don Meihls, Carson Davis, David Howarth and Josue Flores. These crews and crew chiefs worked through extremely hot weather, keeping a very positive attitude and doing a very professional job. The front of the building looks great, thanks to all of their hard work under less than desirable conditions. On behalf of all the BNC community, thank you! -- John Weaver (Birck Nanotechnology Center)