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September 3, 2013

Publicizing, connecting to campus events, activities easy with PurdueBoard

Students, faculty and staff can communicate news and event information across a variety of channels, including social media, email and campus digital signs, through PurdueBoard.

Provided by the Division of Student Affairs, PurdueBoard offers an easy way to announce callouts, events, concerts and other communications to a broad audience. Fliers submitted to the PurdueBoard website at www.purdue.edu/purdueboard are sent to Twitter, Facebook, email lists, RSS feeds, Boiler TV, the University online calendar, Purdue's iPhone app and the more than 100 digital signs on campus.

A flowchart showing the PurdueBoard communication path and a list of new features can be found at www.purdue.edu/purdueboard/Home/About.

Questions about PurdueBoard may be sent to purdueboard@purdue.edu.

Writer: Hannah Harper, harper4@purdue.edu