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May 20, 2013

Honors College offices to move

The offices of the Honors College, including the National and International Scholarships Office (NISO), will move to Duhme Hall on Tuesday (May 21).

The Honors College will be in Duhme Hall, Room 134. The National and International Scholarships Office will be in Duhme Hall, Room 135.

Phone numbers and email addresses for staff members remain the same. More information about the Honors College can be found at www.purdue.edu/honorscollege.

Honors College staff members include:

* Dennis Savaiano, interim dean, 49-42929, savaiano@purdue.edu

* Emily Allen, associate dean for academic affairs, 49-49393, elallen@purdue.edu

* Adam Lower, honors recruiter, 49-67348, lowera@purdue.edu

* Catharine Patrone, director of student services, 49-42906, cpatrone@purdue.edu

* Sherry Hardebeck, assistant to the dean, 49-63021, sahardebeck@purdue.edu

* Tracy Hieatt, administrative assistant, 49-42929, hieatt@purdue.edu

More information about the NISO can be found at www.purdue.edu/niso

Veronica Schirm, director of NISO, can be reached at 49-41727, vaschirm@purdue.edu