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June 3, 2013

ACE program seeks applications from clerical staff

The Accomplished Clerical Excellence program will be accepting applications throughout June for those interested in enhancing clerical knowledge, skills and abilities.

ACE is available to clerical staff members who have at least one year of Purdue service and have been in their current position at least six months. Each year a new class of participants begins their first semester together. Classes meet for two hours each week starting in September.

ACE is a two-year program that focuses on interpersonal, organizational, supervisory and working relationship skills, as well as learning more about the University and creating contacts across campus. Although there are some core curriculum components and traditions associated with the program, incorporating change to keep the curriculum on target is important.

This September will begin the program's 35th class. More than 800 staff members have participated in the program.

Applications can be found at www.purdue.edu/hr/lod/careerplanning.html. A mailing about the program recently went to all clerical employees on the West Lafayette campus.

Questions about the program or application should be directed to Carrie Hanson in Human Resources at 49-47397 or carrie@purdue.edu.