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March 26, 2013

Two ways to complete Center for Healthy Living intake form

A client's first visit to the Center for Healthy Living will include reviewing information on the client's intake form. Employees have two ways to complete the form.

* Complete the form online through the Center for Healthy Living portal before the appointment. Employees will go to https://purdue.opticonsite.com and log in with their Purdue career account and password. Instructions for accessing and completing the form are available at www.purdue.edu/hr/pdf/Optic_Patient_Portal_Intake_iForm.pdf.

* Complete a paper intake form at the center. Employees should allow 15 minutes to complete the form before their appointment begins.

Clients also should be prepared to provide a list of all medications they are taking. For those covered on the Purdue Choice Fund, the Purdue Incentive or the Purdue Copay medical plans, this information is available through the Express Scripts website at https://www.express-scripts.com.

Go to the Prescriptions & Benefits tab, and then select "Prescription history" from the links on the left side of the page. A "Print this page" link is offered at the bottom of the prescription history.

For questions about the intake form or the first appointment, call the Center for Healthy Living at 49-40111.