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April 1, 2013

Reminder: Benefits for terminating academic-year faculty, staff end on last day of employment

Academic-year faculty and staff who are leaving Purdue at the finish of the semester are reminded that their benefits end on their last day of employment.

COBRA benefits are available for those who wish to continue Purdue medical benefits.

According to Teresa Wesner, customer service manager in Human Resources, benefits end on the last day of employment for both fiscal-year and academic-year employees. "An academic-year employee's time away in the summer occasionally leads to questions about when benefits stop," Wesner says.

A Web page addressing a variety of situations related to terminating academic-year (AY) faculty and staff is available at www.purdue.edu/hr/Benefits/benefitsTermination.html.

For more information, AY faculty and staff may contact their department business offices or Human Resources. Assistance from HR is available through 49-42222, hr@purdue.edu or www.purdue.edu/hrhelp.