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January 15, 2013

Health Care Strategy Committee begins work Wednesday

The Health Care Strategy Committee is ready to pursue solutions to rising Purdue medical plan costs.   

The newly formed group will have its first meeting Wednesday (Jan. 16). The group includes faculty health experts and representatives from the University Senate, APSAC, CSSAC, and the Calumet, Fort Wayne and North Central campuses.

"The committee has been structured to bring more people into the decision-making process," says Steve Abel, associate vice provost for faculty affairs and associate dean for clinical programs, College of Pharmacy, who will chair the committee. Pam Aaltonen, associate professor of public health nursing and assistant head of the School of Nursing, will serve as vice chair.

Abel says the committee will identify and evaluate both short-term and long-term solutions. "Quality and affordability will guide our assessment," Abel says.

According to Luis E. Lewin, vice president for human resources and the sponsor of the committee, the group's recommendations for the 2014 medical plans are due July 31. Proposals for 2015 and beyond are due Feb. 15, 2014. The committee's recommendations will be reported to the Purdue community.

"We want to tap into the expertise, experience and creativity of our Purdue faculty and staff as we tackle this ongoing problem that impacts all of us," Lewin says.

Faculty and staff will have opportunity to provide comments and suggestions. Watch for more information as the committee gets under way with its work.

Committee members are: 

* Pam Aaltonen, School of Nursing.

* Steve Abel, Office of the Provost, College of Pharmacy.

* Don Buskirk, Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation.

* Gary Carter, Operations and Maintenance.

* Jenny Coddington, School of Nursing.

* Bart Collins, Brian Lamb School of Communication.

* Tina Grady, Human Resources, Fort Wayne.

* Deborah Kark, Nursing, Calumet.

* Keith Kluender, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.

* Denise Laussade, Treasury Operations.

* Luis Lewin, Office of the VP for Human Resources.

* Sue Miller, Human Resources, North Central.

* Beau Moore, Office of the VP for Information Technology, Business Office.

* Eva Nodine, Office of the VP for Human Resources.

* Randy Rapp, Department of Building Construction Management.

* April Sauer, Department of Agricultural Economics.

* Charlene Sullivan, School of Management.

* Tom Templin, Department of Health and Kinesiology.

* David Williams, College of Veterinary Medicine.

* Howie Zelaznik, Office of the VP for Research, Department of Health and Kinesiology.