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March 11, 2013

Center for Healthy Living not for work-related injuries or work-related travel immunizations

The Center for Healthy Living is not an approved treatment facility for work-related injuries and illnesses, as Purdue has chosen to focus the center on primary care and wellness services for now.

"Faculty and staff can find information about approved treatment facilities on the worker's comp website," says Deborah Popa, worker's compensation administrator in Human Resources. The website address is www.purdue.edu/hr/Benefits/wc.html.

For more information about worker's compensation, visit the website listed above or contact Popa at 49-4 0306.

In addition, the Center for Healthy Living does not offer work-related travel immunizations; however, immunizations needed for personal travel are available. When making an appointment, clients seeking personal travel immunizations should alert the Center for Healthy Living staff about the immunizations they will need. This will help assure the immunizations are on hand during the client's appointment.

For more about personal travel immunizations, contact the Center for Healthy Living at 49-40111. A list of services offered by the center is shown on the center's website at www.purdue.edu/healthyliving.