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March 18, 2013

'5 Students Who ...' nominations wanted

Faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate students they consider Home Makers for the June "5 Students Who …" website. Deadline for nominations is Friday (March 22).

This twist on "homemakers" will feature students involved in both the ins and outs of making a home. A person who participates in projects like the Solar Decathlon or Habitat for Humanity. Someone who is passionate about green technology. A landscape or interior design student who can turn a space from drab to fab, and those who make us all feel like "there is no place like home."

The June "5 Students Who …" will feature their stories.

Nominate a "Home Maker" candidate by completing the form at http://marketing.purdue.edu/5students. Providing detailed information on the student will increase their chance of selection. 

For more information, contact Kate Walker (katewalker@purdue.edu) or Sue Ferringer (susan@purdue.edu).