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November 14, 2012

Newest zipTrip to focus on science of nutrition

Purdue's newest zipTrip, "Science of Nutrition," will be shown via Web streaming Thursday (Nov. 15) beginning at 10 a.m. EST.

The electronic field trip features Purdue scientists researching nutrition, physical activity and environmental concepts that affect children's health. It is intended for middle school students in public, private or home schools, but Purdue faculty, staff and students also are welcome to view it. Participation is free. Funding for this zipTrip comes from the Family Nutrition Program, which is part of Purdue's Health and Human Sciences Extension.

The zipTrip's objective is to help middle school teachers get their students thinking about health and nutrition topics, science and science careers. Teachers can connect their students directly to Purdue scientists to introduce them to cutting-edge research, scientific inquiry and careers.

The Web stream will be shown at http://video1.itap.purdue.edu/zipTrips.

The "Science of Nutrition" zipTrip is a partnership between Purdue's Department of Agricultural Communication, Health and Human Sciences Extension and the Discovery Learning Research Center.