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August 22, 2012

University policy update

The Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG) took action on two system-wide policies at its August meeting. Following are the revised policies and their effective dates.

* Volunteers, Interim (VI.B.2): Effective Aug. 20, current faculty and staff and currently enrolled students are excluded from this policy.

* Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest (III.B.2): Effective Aug. 24, revisions to this policy bring it into alignment with the finalized regulations for projects sponsored by PHS agencies.

The Office of the Vice President for Human Resources is working to make available a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the policy on volunteers. Questions regarding the policy may be directed to HR at 49-41679 or erofficer@purdue.edu.

The complete text of these policies may be found on the University Policies website at www.purdue.edu/policies.