Campus Fit Club registration begins today

May 9, 2011

Charla Benner (left), Mindy Schultz (center) and Jane Krause work with trainer Michelle Whipple at the Recreational Sports Center. Benner, Shultz and Krause joined Campus Fit Club in July 2009 as the "Pharm Girls" team and continue to work out together twice a week.

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Registration for Campus Fit Club, an eight-week weight loss incentive program, will kick off today (May 9) and last until June 6. The program is modeled after popular TV shows such as "Celebrity Fit Club" and "The Biggest Loser," and trainers will guide participants through a personalized exercise regimen throughout the summer.

Teams of three to six participants (often family, co-workers or friends) are matched with a personal trainer to guide them toward healthy weight loss goals. Teams meet with their trainer 12 times throughout the program. The program lasts from June 13 to Aug. 8 and is sponsored by the Division of Recreational Sports.

During the first session each participant will undergo a fitness assessment. Based on these assessments, the trainers will create a customized program and set long-term goals for each participant. The trainers also will use these assessments to develop team activities for future sessions.

Points will be awarded for healthy weight loss as well as for participation in a variety of physical activity and educational opportunities outside the training sessions. Based on those points, a winning team and individual will be named at the end of the eight weeks.
"Our main goal is that participants walk away with additional tools and knowledge for them to continue to meet their fitness and health goals, especially weight loss and weight management," said Christopher Nasti, assistant director of fitness and wellness at Recreational Sports.
Members will receive weekly educational and motivational updates from the program staff, as well as a nutritional consultation. Also, members can take part in free group exercise classes over the summer.

One team has been working out together since its members joined Campus Fit Club in July 2009. The "Pharm Girls," a group of faculty and staff in the College of Pharmacy, work out with their personal trainer, Michelle Whipple (coordinator of Fitness and Wellness and Group X instructor) twice a week. They recommend the program to other faculty, staff and students.

"We enjoyed it so much during the summer of 2009 that we continued to work out with our trainer, Michelle, ever since," said Jane Krause, clinical associate professor of pharmacy practice.

"It is also very nice to exercise with co-workers -- for the support," Krause said. "The exercise just makes us all feel better."
Mindy Schultz, administrative assistant in the Department of Pharmacy Practice, added, "We have found all of the trainers and staff to be very helpful and encouraging. It has also been fun and comfortable working out alongside students."

The cost is $90 per person, and participants must be a member of Recreational Sports to be in Campus Fit Club. The cost of summer membership is $20 for part-time students, $40 for faculty/staff and $90 for alumni and spouses. Full-time students are automatically summer members.

To register, visit TREC member services or the Recreational Sports office located in the basement of Shreve Residence Hall. For more information, email Jenny Eskander at