Ag announces A/P staff promotions

April 20, 2012

A number of administrative and professional staff members in the College of Agriculture have been advanced in rank beginning the next fiscal year on July 1, based on exceptional effort.
To Rank 6

Dan J. Annarino, Agricultural Communication
Michael J. Budzik, Food Science
Sherry S. Fulk-Bringman, Agronomy
Glenn A. Hardebeck, Agronomy
Dinah L. McClure, Dean’s Office
Victoria S. Siegel, Office of the Indiana State Chemist
Daniel C. Taylor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Jason Tower, Purdue Agricultural Centers
Frederick Whitford, Botany and Plant Pathology
J. LeeAnn Williams, Agricultural Economics
To Rank 5

Lydia M. Armstrong, Field Extension
James M. Bartos, Office of the Indiana State Chemist
Joanne Cusumano, Biochemistry
Kelly J. Delp, Agronomy
Aissa D. Good, Agricultural Economics
James T. Henderson, Biochemistry
Sherry A. Honn, Biochemistry
Timothy P. Kerr, Academic Programs
Young Mi Kim, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Vishal Lodha, Entomology
Melissa M. Shepson, Entomology
Christine M. Strawsma, Agricultural Communication
To Rank 4

Tammy L. Beaver, Office of the Indiana State Chemist
Sara Cloutier, Biochemistry
Christy K. Coon, Animal Sciences
Alla A. Golub, Agricultural Economics
Tena L. Graham, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Nina Haghighi, Agricultural Communication
Paul T. Marquardt, Botany and Plant Pathology
Andrew E. Oppy, Agricultural Economics
Penny J. Pava, Agricultural Economics
Danielle S. Quirk, Agricultural Economics
Brian J. Wallheimer, Agricultural Communication