CIE workshop next week to swap 'instructor tales'

September 8, 2011

Learning about teaching can come from sharing "The Tales That Teachers Can Tell!" according to a Center for Instructional Excellence workshop on Sept. 15 to be led by Karl Brandt, professor emeritus of biochemistry.

Some "instructor tales" will be shared, then attendees will be invited to share their own. Examples might include excuses from students, things that happened when a teacher tried a new approach, or that time a teacher responded poorly to a tough question. The workshop will draw on Robert Klose's book "The Three-Legged Woman … and Other Excursions in Teaching."

The event is set for 9-10:30 a.m. in Stewart Center, Room 322. It is part of CIE's College Teaching Workshops Series II: Expanding Your Teaching Toolkit. More about CIE is at To register for this workshop, go to