Caution urged due to ice, snow on surfaces and roofs

February 4, 2011

Grounds Department personnel are working to address snow-covered and icy roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks on campus. Warming air and surface temperatures are contributing to falling sheets of snow from building rooftops. The Grounds Department asks that everyone use caution while driving and walking. 
Everyone is encouraged to identify particularly hazardous conditions around their respective facilities and report them to the Grounds Department at 49-43087.
The department also wishes to remind faculty, staff and students that Grounds is responsible for addressing snow and ice removal on roadways, lots, walkways, and ensuring that ADA/handicap parking spaces are accessible. Members of the campus community are responsible for clearing personal and University vehicles as necessary.

Gary Evans, director of Grounds, expresses thanks to all on campus for patience as Grounds addresses the conditions on campus.