Phone directories to be collected Saturday for recycling

January 26, 2011

Purdue employees are asked to set out old phone directories Friday (Jan. 28) for recycling. Purdue Recycling crews will collect the directories Saturday (Jan. 29).

Unneeded phone books, boxed or bundled, should be placed on loading docks or next to the outdoor green Purdue Recycling collection carts. Covering the books against the weather is helpful.

If an area does not have a green cart location or building users are not sure what is the appropriate place to set out the phone books, or if the location is not accessible to recycling crews on Saturday, contact 49-43087 or 49-63326 or, or visit

This follows last week's distribution of new local directories on campus.

Last year, people on campus helped send 46,174 pounds of phone directories to recycling instead of landfills. This saves on paper and the cost of using a landfill.

For more information, contact 49-43087 or 49-63326 or, or visit