Martin staff award goes to Arnold

December 8, 2010

While working from home for four months due to illness, Barbara White "learned firsthand how special and dedicated Carolyn Arnold is." In White's absence, Arnold covered her office duties, brought work to her home and delivered completed work back to the office -- often multiple times per day.

"She's kind, compassionate and willing to find the answer," White says. "She always goes above and beyond to meet deadlines, help others and make sure the University is represented well. Her work ethic and personality are the essence of what every Boilermaker should aspire to be."

White, graduate program coordinator, administrative assistant in the Department of Comparative Pathobiology and Arnold's supervisor since 2000, nominated Arnold for the Eudoxia Girard Martin Memorial Staff Recognition Award on behalf of the department.

Arnold, secretary to H. Leon Thacker, head of Comparative Pathobiology, and building deputy for the department, received the award, which was presented Dec. 7 at the annual clerical and service staff recognition luncheon in Purdue Memorial Union.

Carolyn Arnold goes about her work in a quiet manner, "never expecting praise or attention," says White, but others in the department have taken notice. Their letters of support reiterate White's sentiments.

"Since I've known Carolyn, she's shown a consistent can-do attitude and excellent disposition of constant, sincere and caring rapport with faculty, staff and students," Thacker writes. "I believe Ms. Arnold personifies the untiring, unselfish, caring, sharing attitude exemplified by Eudoxia Girard Martin."

According to the nomination, Arnold's work extends beyond her clerical and building deputy duties. She helps Ramesh Vemulapalli, associate professor in the department, organize a weekly seminar course for the department's graduate students, prepares seminar schedules, distributes seminar announcements and records student attendance.

In the 35 years that Arnold has worked in the School of Veterinary Medicine, working her way from level III typist to level V department head's secretary, she has completed the Accomplished Clerical Excellence program and is continually looking for ways to improve her clerical skills. Arnold has volunteered for the annual United Way campaign for several years. In 1992 Arnold received the Purdue Pride Plus Award for excellence in service to the Purdue community.

Arnold says, "In my time at Purdue, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and have greatly enjoyed my experiences. I am very honored to become the recipient of the Eudoxia Girard Martin Memorial Staff Recognition Award, and it means a great deal to me to have been nominated by others in my department."

The Eudoxia Girard Martin Memorial Staff Recognition Award, established by two of Martin's sons, Leslie and Carlton Martin, is intended for fifth-level secretaries or administrative assistants with five years of continuous service to Purdue. It is awarded to staff who accomplish their duties with a special caring and helpfulness to students, faculty and staff.

Martin was executive secretary to Andrey Potter, dean of the Schools of Engineering from 1920 to 1953, and Willard Knapp, associate dean of the Schools of Engineering from 1943 to 1955.

The award to honor Martin is a medallion, a framed description of her life and a $1,000 honorarium.

Martin Award nominations are invited each fall. For information, contact Carrie Hanson at 49-47397 or