Reporting campus safety concerns made easier

November 9, 2010

Environmental Health and Public Safety at Purdue's West Lafayette campus has incorporated a new layer of communication to make reporting safety concerns simpler for all four campus locations.

A new link, "Report a Safety Concern," has been added to the home page of the Radiological and Environmental Management website, which connects users directly to information regarding how to report a safety issue properly.

"We know that building deputies, members of departmental safety committees and individuals sometimes see safety concerns on campus but aren't sure where to report them," says Carol Shelby, senior director of Environmental Health and Public Safety. "We hope including this link on REM's home page will encourage reporting of issues as they arise."

Safety concerns should be submitted to Each reported issue will be addressed, and if a return e-mail address is provided, a reply will be made.

For more information on how to report a safety concern, visit