Some FSA debit card purchases require sending a receipt to CIGNA

October 19, 2010

CIGNA has clarified the process for using the CIGNA debit card to pay for flexible spending account (FSA) expenses.
CIGNA must confirm that all uses of the FSA debit card are eligible and comply with Internal Revenue Service rules. CIGNA calls this confirmation process "substantiation."
Some purchases or payments can be automatically substantiated, but others will require the employee to submit a validation form and a printed receipt showing the description, amount and date of the purchase. 

Generally, the following types of purchases or payments will be substantiated automatically:

* Deductibles, coinsurance and copay amounts for claims that CIGNA has processed. CIGNA will be able to substantiate these expenses through data already in its computer system.

* Prescriptions through a retail pharmacy or through Medco mail order. 

Debit card users will need to submit a validation form and a receipt for these expenses:

* Dental.

* Vision.
* Health care items that are not eligible under Purdue's medical plan, but are eligible under an FSA. For example, over-the-counter medications.
After receiving a charge to an employee's debit card, CIGNA waits 90 days before sending the employee a notice asking for substantiation of the claim. The delay allows time for the employee's medical plan claim to arrive and be processed by CIGNA's claims system. If the debit card transaction cannot be substantiated through CIGNA's system within 90 days, CIGNA sends the employee a notice asking for a receipt. 

When using the debit card for a purchase or payment that the employee thinks will need to be substantiated, there's no need to wait for the CIGNA notice. Instead, the employee may send the printed receipt and validation form to CIGNA right away. 

Debit card validation forms are available through the Human Resources website at Fax the completed form and receipt to CIGNA at 877-823-8953 or mail them to the address provided on the validation form.   
For questions, call CIGNA at 800-767-7141 or call Staff Benefits customer service at 49-42222.