Same medical plans offered for 2011; new online enrollment process introduced

October 15, 2010

This year's enrollment "packet" will actually be an 8.5-by-11 booklet -- the 2011Enrollment Reference Guide. The guide will be mailed on Oct. 22.

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For 2011, Purdue faculty and staff will be able once again to select between the Purdue Choice Fund with HSA (health savings account), the Incentive PPO and the Purdue Copay options for their medical coverage. Overall, both the University's contribution and the employees' contributions to the medical plans will increase by 6 percent. 

"The Choice Fund has no changes for 2011," says John Beelke, director at Staff Benefits. "And while the Incentive PPO and Purdue Copay plans will see increases in employee out-of-pocket costs for things like deductibles and copays, both plans will have expanded preventive care benefits."

Other 2011 changes include:

*  The starting point for the upper medical premium tier for all plans will increase to $44,000, a change made to accommodate the salary increase that will result from the upcoming January rebalancing of pay and defined contribution retirement benefits.

* Medical insurance premiums for part-time employees will be based on their full-time equivalent pay.

* The credit for opting out of Purdue's medical plan is being eliminated for 2011.

* Over-the-counter medicines will require a doctor's prescription to be eligible for reimbursement from a flexible spending account or health savings account.

* Purdue will use Vision Service Plan's new Choice Plan network, instead of the current Signature network. Most participating providers are in both networks. Go to to check for providers in the new network.
* Purdue has new voluntary benefit providers and two new voluntary benefits: group critical illness insurance and accident insurance.

Online enrollment to debut
"The biggest change for 2011 may be that our enrollment process will be online for the first time," Beelke says. The new online benefits system will walk employees through enrollment step-by-step. Faculty and staff will see instant online confirmation of their benefit selections. Beyond open enrollment, the system will be available around-the-clock throughout the year, giving employees a convenient way to make any change in family status adjustments they require.

Benefit details, pricing and valuable links and resources will be provided within the online benefits system. This year's enrollment "packet" actually will be an 8.5-by-11 booklet -- the 2011 Enrollment Reference Guide.

"Personal reports, enrollment forms and return envelopes are no longer needed, so we've been able to cut back on the amount of paper we send," Beelke says.

Open enrollment will be Oct. 25 through Nov. 12. Faculty and staff should be watching campus mail for the enrollment guide, which will be mailed on Oct. 22. Those who don't work on a campus will receive the guide at home.

Several resources will be available to help employees through open enrollment, including one-on-one meetings, a call center and walk-in labs. Resources are outlined in the enrollment guide.