Purchasing plans two events this month to introduce showcase suppliers

September 17, 2010

Rollout of Purchasing Service's new Strategic Sourcing Initiative includes vendor showcases, where Purdue personnel who make purchasing decisions can meet the University's "showcase suppliers." The first two vendor showcases will take place later this month, and Purchasing urges staff and faculty who wish to attend to preregister online to reserve their place.
The first showcase will be a two-hour session featuring Purdue's office supplies vendor, Guy Brown. It is scheduled for 1:30-3:30 p.m. Thursday (Sept. 23) in Room 1142, Lawson Computer Science Building. During the session, Purdue purchasing agent Barry Noah will explain Purdue's contract with Guy Brown, and a vendor representative will demonstrate the catalog website.
The second two-hour showcase will highlight the University's technology products vendor, GovConnection. The event is set for 2-4 p.m. Sept. 27 in Room 1142, Lawson. The showcase will include a discussion led by Purdue purchasing agent Rick Bradley about the contract between the University and GovConnection. He will be followed by a vendor representative, who will show attendees how to use GovConnection's catalog website.
To be assured of a seat in the showcases, participants must preregister through the online enrollment system, PREMIS, with their Purdue career account and password. After logging in;

* Click "Business Systems" and then "Supply Chain Purchasing (SRM)."

* Select "BGBS 150—Guy Brown Showcase" and/or "BGCS 150--GovConnection Showcase."

* Following each selection, click "Add to Lessons."

* Click either "Add More Lessons" or "Checkout" to complete the enrollment.
For months, Purchasing and the Strategic Sourcing Task Force have evaluated the University's purchasing history and processes, seeking out opportunities for cutting costs and increasing savings. The outcome produced strategies to develop mutually beneficial relationships with "showcase suppliers," the term for suppliers that agree to offer the University the best-priced products, just-in-time delivery, online ordering and electronic invoicing, all contributing to lowering costs.
Purchasing plans to introduce additional "showcase suppliers" for University personnel in the coming weeks.
Direct questions and comments about these sessions to Carol Conner, business process manager for Purchasing, at crconner@purdue.edu, or Business Services Training and Communications at BSTCHelp@purdue.edu.