Purdue police urge employees to keep security in mind

July 26, 2010

The Purdue Police Department is reminding employees to take precautionary measures to reduce the potential for theft on campus.

Purdue police Lt. Fred Davis offers the following tips:

* Keep office doors and windows locked when you're away, even for a short amount of time.

* Keep personal belongings in a secure space at the office, preferably a locked drawer or filing cabinet.

* Make a list of valuable possessions including make, model, serial number, and description.

* Keep a record of the telephone numbers of each credit card carrier in order to file a theft report immediately.

* Report incidents of suspicious activity by calling Purdue police at 49-48221.

* Report thefts immediately to Purdue police by calling 49-48221.

More crime prevention tips are available at www.purdue.edu/police/assistance/tip/index.htm.