Physical Facilities removing urns, changing signage as campus prepares to go smoke-free

June 14, 2010

As Purdue's West Lafayette campus prepares to go smoke-free July 1, Physical Facilities is removing the current smoking urns and placing new campus signage.

Throughout June, Physical Facilities is removing 435 urns and placing new ash receptacles in the 22 designated smoking areas. The new smoking areas were created so that every campus building has a designated smoking area within a five-minute walk. To locate a designated smoking area, click here to view a map.

Work has already started in the north academic campus, and all areas will be complete by June 30. Following is a schedule of the remaining urn removals:

* Week of June 14 -- Residence halls and Intercollegiate Athletics (excluding Purdue Village and Hawkins).
* Week of June 21 -- South academic campus (including Discovery Park, Purdue Village and Hawkins).
* Week of June 28 -- Address miscellaneous issues and concerns.

On June 16, Building Services and other staff also will begin removing the existing signs/stickers on exterior doors and replace them with the new smoke-free campus signage. This work will be completed no later than June 30. After that date, anyone who sees signs on exterior doors that either have not been replaced or need adjustment should contact Carol Farrell at the Physical Facilities Sign Center at 49-67836 or

Purdue’s smoke-free policy is designed to support a healthy campus and limit exposure to secondhand smoke, which has been determined unsafe at any level according to the EPA. As of July 1, smoking will no longer be permitted on campus except in the designated areas. For more information on this policy, see