APSAC awards spring grants

May 13, 2010

APSAC has awarded individual professional development grants to 18 administrative and professional staff members.

Grants up to $750 are awarded twice a year. APSAC awarded a total of $12,854 for its spring 2010 grants. APSAC's Professional Development Subcommittee chose the winners from 47 applicants.

The next application period will be Sept. 1 through Oct. 1. Information about the process is at www.purdue.edu/apsac/Subcommittees/grantgeneral.htm.

Grant recipients, and the areas in which they work, are:

* Danielle Buchanan, Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

* Cynthia Doane, Earhart Residence Hall.

* Gary Evans, Grounds.

* Stephanie Farlow, Center for Career Opportunities.

* Krista Hixon, Purdue Research Foundation.

* Darcy Kihlstrom, Internal Audit.

* Brett Lawson, VPBS System Support Group.

* Kelly Magurany, Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

* Evguenia Malaia, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.

* Keith McDermott, Physics.

* Jenise Platt, Field Extension Educators.

* Katherine Purple, University Press.

* JoAnne Sandifur, Graduate School Administration.

* Beth Schroeder, Rosen Center for Advanced Computing.

* Kimberly Sederquist, Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

* Sarah Smith, VPHR Physical Facilities.

* Cara Wetzel, Undergraduate Studies Program.

* Susan White, Purdue Pharmacy.