Purdue Postdoc Association looking for council members

February 17, 2010

The Purdue Postdoc Association is seeking postdocs to join as new council members.
The PPDA began in September and functions as a grassroots organization gathering all postdoctoral researchers at Purdue. The primary goals of the PPDA council are:

* To strive for the professional enrichment and development of postdoctoral researchers at Purdue.
* To develop and maintain a platform for social and professional interaction among postdoctoral researchers and between postdoctoral researchers and the body of students, staff members and faculty members at Purdue.
* To clearly define and communicate the postdoctoral status at an institutional level and to promote awareness of the contributions of postdoctoral researchers to Purdue and to the sciences and humanities in general.

Since its inception, the PPDA council:
* Meets the first Monday of the month.
* Organizes monthly social events for postdocs.
* Communicates relevant information to postdocs via the postdoc e-mail list on a monthly basis. The list is at https://lists.purdue.edu/mailman/listinfo/postdoc.
* Has gained support of the Office of the Vice President of Research (OVPR) and the Graduate School administration, represented in the council by Peter Dunn and Jon Story, respectively.
* Set up collaborations with the Center for Instructional Excellence, the Graduate School administration, the Purdue Sigma Xi chapter and various school and department administrations.

Those interested in joining the council should contact Kris Villez at kvillez@purdue.edu or Valentina Trinetta at vtrinett@purdue.edu for more information.